About us

Visitors to this enchanting Island are awed by its magnificent blue waters and calming breezes, where time stands still and sensations of taste and smell are awakened.

Let the winds transport you to the Blue Winds Tea Room.
You will recognize the aroma of home made soups, the dusting of sugar and cinnamon along the country road.
We welcome you to come in for a heart-warming spot of tea.
The namesakes of our Tea Room "Blue Winds" reflects a single moment in time suspended in our memory : the awe-inspiring landscape of endless blue skies and sparkling blue waters.
In 1988, we had started the "Blue Winds Tea Room" at the rear of an Antique and Gift Shop located in the heart of New London village. After some seven years, we decided to renovate our own home where New London and Clinton meet, where it stands today.

For many seasons, the winds have been bringing great numbers of people from across the globe through our doors, several of whom we are privileged to welcome back.
We hope that you, too, will include the "Blue Winds Tea Room" on your next visit to our beautiful island.

We are open through September (tbd):
Wednesday & Thursday - 12:00 noon to 5:00pm
(Afternoon Teas and Desserts only. Sorry, no meals)

Saturday & Sunday - 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm
Meals and Afternoon Tea.  

At Blue Winds Tea Rooms our customers enjoy in-season specialties along with our ever-popular menu. 
We do most of our baking and cooking from scratch and use only fresh ingredients carefully selected at the market. What is uniquely Blue Winds is the eclectic medley of dishes and desserts - not typically of one cuisine or another - but you may occasionally come across a hint of Oriental fusion. Variety is, after all, the spice of life.

We are devoted to the familiar works of L. M. Montgomery and our research has taken us through the Island recipes of 19th century cooking : New Moon Pudding from L. M. M.'s Journal; Raspberry Cordial from an old cookbook; as well as Afternoon Tea that was a pleasant tradition in bygone days.

Through our passion to create, we continue to produce our original Blue Winds artworks and crafts through winter. Examples of these unique pieces can be seen on our Tea Room shelves and walls.

10746 Route 6, Clinton
1/2 km West of the New London intersection.

Phone: 902-886-2860